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    I’m helping my mother navigate the Medicare Maze, but have a couple of baffling snags. My parents were married long enough for Mom to get full Medicare through Dad, but the SSA had no record of their marriage, so her paperwork/card said she was status M (uninsured). A couple of months of hoop-jumping, and they fixed it. Here’s the baffling bit:

    The new Medicare paperwork/card shows two Medicare IDs, without saying which she is to use:
    Mom’s Social Security # with “D1”
    Dad’s Social Security # with “B6”

    Worse, when I looked the two codes up (hoping that would give me a hint), D1 turned out to inexplicably mean Aged Widower, which doesn’t apply to either of them. B6 means “divorced wife” but it doesn’t seem to entirely make sense that it would be attached to my father’s ID…

    She wants to sign up with my HMO, but doesn’t want to call, and the freaking enrollment form has only one spot for a Medicare ID — which one should she use? Should we ignore the wonky D1 code, or figure it means the SSA’s records for her are truly screwy?

    Please Help.

    Thanks !

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