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Gynecologic laparoscopy

Gynecologic laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery. It uses a laparoscope to look inside your pelvic area. Open surgery often requires a large incision.

A laparoscope is a slender, lighted telescope. It allows your doctor to see inside your body. Diagnostic laparoscopy can determine whether you have conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids. It can also be a form of treatment. With miniaturized instruments, your doctor can perform a variety of surgeries. These include:

  • ovarian cyst removal
  • tubal ligation, which is surgical contraception
  • hysterectomy

Laparoscopy generally has a shorter healing time than open surgery. It also leaves smaller scars. A gynecologist, general surgeon, or another type of specialist may perform this procedure.


Dr Durga Rao

Author Since:  May 2, 2018

Dr. Durga is a specialist in reproductive medicine and minimally invasive surgery with over 18 years of work experience in this field. She is responsible for bringing in the most advanced ART treatments at Oasis.
Her extensive knowledge, understanding and compassion have played a big role in the success of the treatments offered here.